We are responsible for repairing your structure and outside of your home, our fixtures and fittings and communal and shared areas.

You are responsible for keeping your home in a good decorative condition. You are responsible for minor repairs such as replacing tap washers, fuses and light bulbs. You must deal with lost keys and lock changes.

Our staff can give you advice if you are not sure.

Where you have a license to occupy we may handle this on your behalf however you will be recharged for damages.

We will charge you for any damage to your residence that we have to repair, such as broken windows, if this was caused by you members of your family or your visitors.

To report a repair, please phone Team A5 Support on 02086842431 or report a repair online via the report a repair form.

You should tell us quickly about repairs that need doing, especially where a problem may be a danger to yourself or others.

If you need an emergency repair you should always telephone us rather than reporting your repair online.

When you report a repair we will give it a priority rating from 1 to 4. This tells you how long to expect the repair to take;

1. Emergency- within 24 hours – for example, burst pipes, fires, flooding, blocked drains, lack of security or complete power failure.

2. Urgent- Within five working days -, for example, faulty plumbing, water leaks or faulty heating.

3. Essential repairs within 20 working days- for example, repairs to windows and doors.
Miscellaneous- within 40 working days- such as laying a new floor or replacement of drains.

Either the contractor or a member of our team will contact you to make an appointment to inspect or carry out the repair. Please make sure you are at home for the appointment, you might be charged for the cost.

Planned Maintenance is different from day to day repairs and involves major works and or improvements, such as replacing the roof or full refurbishments, such as installing central heating, new windows, a kitchen or a bathroom. The landlord is responsible for this work and we will coordinate and inform you in advance of any work planned.

Further advice and assistance please speak with your TSO

You should Turn off the water at stopcock and report the problem immediately to Team A5 Support maintenance team or Out of Hours support. It is a good Idea to know where the mains stopcock is.

By Law, we have to carry out a yearly safety inspection of any gas appliances, pipework and flues that we have installed in your home. A specialist gas engineer will contact you to arrange an appointment to do this. As this is important for your health and safety, you must allow our staff or the contractor into your home to complete this work.

If you do not allow the engineer to carry out this work we will have to take legal action.

If you smell gas, do not switch electrical appliances or lights on or off, but do turn off the gas supply and open all the windows. Report the problem to the national grid immediately on 0800 111 999.

If you have an electrical fault, you should report the problem to us immediately.

You can help to prevent a fire by not smoking in your room, by unplugging appliances before appliances like TV’s and Media players before you go to bed and when you leave the house.

Smoke Alarms can save your life by giving you an early warning of a fire so you should check them regularly to make sure they work. If you have a battery operated smoke alarm replace the batteries when you hear the warning signal, and never remove them to use somewhere else. If you have a fixed hardwired alarm it will be checked annually when you have your gas inspection. For more information about fire safety visit the London Fire Brigade Website. www.london-fire.gov.uk

For the Safety of yourself and others, do not store flammable substances in your room or in shared areas.

If there is a fire, dial 999 immediately and ask for the fire brigade.

In the case of fire, if it is safe for you to do so without putting yourself in danger, tell your neighbours.

Get out of the building as quickly as possible, closing the doors behind you. Assemble at the designated assembly point.

Each property will have an EPC which details the energy performance of the property. Being more efficient in the way you use your home can help you make financial savings, for example:

Using energy-saving light bulbs
Turning off the lights when you leave a room
Switching off appliances when it is not in use.

For further advice and guidance you may want to visit;


Choosing new electrical goods


Many service users believe that their furniture and personal belongings are automatically insured against fire, theft, vandalism or water damage. Unfortunately, this is not the case; you are responsible for arranging suitable contents or product insurance for your items. Unexpected incidents can happen and by having insurance you will minimise the costs that you could face if things go wrong.

There are many insurance schemes for you to choose from

You can use comparison websites to find the cheapest option.

We aim to provide a project that is clean and safe and a high quality of service. We inspect estates regularly to help monitor our performance. We may Rate your Property to indicate the level of issues

Grade 1= Clean, Tidy and well maintained with no repair issues, excellent services and a low level of antisocial behaviour.

Grade 2- Minor Repairs, low-level incidents of anti-social behaviour or a slight dip in the performance of estate services such as cleaning and grounds maintenance.

Grade 3. Ongoing repair issues, inconsistent performance of estate services and high levels of crime and antisocial behaviour.

You can get involved in the inspection by contacting our property management team. We will Update your notice boards regularly to let you know what rating your project was awarded and when.

Sharing facilities and living very close to your neighbours can cause difficulties, especially if people are inconsiderate or their behaviour is unreasonable. It is important to make a special effort to be a good neighbour and not be upset or cause a nuisance to others living in your street, projector room.

Getting to know your neighbours and the local community can make it easier to talk to each other if problems occur.

Most of the issues that are reported to us are noise complaints. Noise travels easily, especially between rooms, so please limit the activities that create a noise nuisance. If you are playing music please keep your door and windows closed and keep the volume to a reasonable level.

Removing dumped rubbish costs alot , which is paid for by your rent. We could spend this on improving services you receive instead. Always put your rubbish in the bins provided. Please pay attention to the recycling guidelines for your borough as this will affect the emptying of the general bins.

Pets can be a source of disagreement. If you have our permission to keep a pet, make sure it doesnt cause a nuisance to your neighbour. Individuals could be allergic to pets etc. Therefore it may not be possible to permit a pet and at anytime, the decision to permit pets may be reviewed and revoked.

There is no single definition of what is Antisocial behaviour, but along with other organisations we have taken it to include the following types of behaviour:

Alcohol-related: nuisance from drinking in communal areas.

Domestic violence: threatening behaviour, violence or abuse between adults in a relationship together, or between family members.

Drugs/substance misuse/drug dealing

Hate-related incidents: based on race, sexual orientation, gender, disability, religion or age. Illegal and immoral use of premises: crack houses, brothels.

Litter/rubbish/fly tipping/garden nuisance: boundary disputes between neighbours, garden bonfires.

Misuse of communal areas/public spaces or loitering: gangs of youths hanging out, begging. Noise: Loud music, shooting, burglar alarms, doors slamming.

Other criminal behaviours: theft, joyriding.

Pets and animal nuisance: uncontrolled dogs, dog fouling, unsuitable/dangerous pets, and illegal breeding of animals.

Physical violence.

Prostitution/sexual acts/ kerb-crawling.

Smells/ fumes/ smoke: smoking in communal areas, burning of commercial waste, bonfires etc.

Vandalism and damage to property: smashed windows, graffiti.

Verbal abuse/ harassment/ intimidawritten orening behaviour: verbal, written or physical abuse.

You have shared use of hallways, kitchens, bathrooms, toilets, gardens and drying areas, please help to keep these areas tidy and free of rubbish.
You can also help by:

Cleaning up after yourself when you cook.
Wipe down the counters
Empty the Toaster compartment.
Wiping out the microwave if something bursts or overflow.

Make sure stairs and landings are not blocked with things like toys, bicycles, rubbish sacks or prams etc. These can be dangerous if people trip over them or have to get out of the building if there is a fire.

If you share a communal door, make sure it is always kept closed and you don’t let anyone in who you don’t know. This way everyone’s room is kept secure.

Do not throw things from your room or allow anyone else to do so.

Team A5 Support is committed to providing a safe and comfortable environment free from antisocial behaviour.

How can we help you?

Contact us at the team a5 Support office near you or submit your enquiry online.

I recently just came out of prison and I was homeless. Even though I got referred to a few housings before I left, Team A5 Support have been the only people to help me with a roof over my head. They housed me as soon as they found out my situation and I was given a place by them which is really good for me as I am trying to turn my life around. It was made clear to me about the support that would be provided, and they treat me with courtesy and respect. Whenever I needed support and asked for it, I received the support I needed it. The support services provided by Team A5 Support has had a positive experience on my life because I am able to have a place to rest my head and focus on myself and not get caught up with my past. I am grateful for Team A5 Support because I feel if I never got a place when I did, I could have easily gone back to the life of crime


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