Rent charges

The type of rent you pay and how it is set will reflect when you became a Team A5 Support resident, your support needs and the size of the room you occupy.

The part of the charges for your accommodation that relates purely to the provision of the room/flat/house rather than the provision of services in the accommodation. We typically use the core rent to meet the following costs:

  • Mortgage payments for the scheme
  • Lease charges to a superior landlord- we may not own the property where you live so lease it and as a result have a rental obligation to another landlord.
  • HMO Council Tax
  • Building insurance
  • The Normal management and maintenance of the property additional requirements is usually billable via service charges

Eligible rent is the amount of rent that you pay as a resident of social housing less ineligible service charges.

As a supported housing resident your rent is usually exempt from the local housing allowance. However, we make every effort to minimise our cost to minimise the amount of rent we charge.  The monetary donations we receive will also help us to keep charges low.  Supported housing is for those who need it and as a result, it is still important for you to keep the council up to date with your change in circumstances.

Charges that relate to a resident’s daily living expenses are not eligible for housing benefit and so are often referred to as ineligible (although if the provision of the service relates to communal areas it may be eligible)

Service charges may be included as part of your eligible rent if:

  • you have to pay them to occupy your home, and
  • they are related to the provision of adequate accommodation, and
  • the council accepts that the service charges are not excessive.

Examples of charges that cannot be included in your eligible rent are charges for:

  • fuel and water charges (unless they relate to a communal area)
  • personal laundry (but not a service charge for the use of laundry facilities)
  • cleaning of rooms and windows (other than communal areas) unless neither you nor any member of your household can do it
  • transport
  • meals or groceries (housing benefit uses set figures as a meal deduction)
  • television rental and license fee (but the cost of television and radio relay may be allowed)
  • leisure items like recreation facilities (but payments for children’s play areas are allowed)
  • personal care and support

Service charges that you have to pay to occupy your home will be counted as part of your eligible rent if they are related to the provision of adequate accommodation. Examples of service charges that may be included in your eligible rent are:

  • cleaning of communal areas. These are defined as areas (other than rooms) with common access (including halls and passageways) and rooms of common use in sheltered accommodation
  • connection to a radio or television system (except satellite and cable relay systems) in specified circumstances
  • other services such as those provided by caretakers which relate to the provision of adequate accommodation
  • children’s play areas
  • These lists are not exhaustive; other service charges may be included or excluded in your eligible rent.

Paying the rent is one of the most important parts of enabling you to sustain y tenancy with us. The money we collect from rent goes to pay for the services that we provide for you.

We ask that you set up a direct debit to pay your rent. This is a convenient and effective way to make sure your rent is paid on time.

Housing benefit

Most of our residents join us either unemployed or on a nil income basis.  If you are unemployed or on a low income you may be entitled to financial help to pay your rent.

Upon accepting an offer, you will be supported to make a claim for benefits:

Even if you receive housing benefit you are responsible for ensuring your rent is paid in full and in advance. This is also the case if only part of your rent is paid by housing benefit.  If housing benefit only pays part of your rent, you are responsible for paying the shortfall.  Depending on your circumstances you maybe able to get assistance with meeting the shortfalls.  Assistance could be in the form of applying and being awarded a discretionary housing payment, or subsidised rent through donations for a limited period of time.

In supported housing you will usually make a claim for housing benefit on the same day you sign up or move in.   It is your responsibility to ensure that housing benefit is submitted within seven days of your tenancy starting.   You must ensure you always have a receipt for submission.

Once processed you will receive notification from the council.

The local authorities will not disclose information to us without disclosing to you.

  • Your signed tenancy agreement
  • Proof of Income Support and other benefits and/or
  • The last five weeks pay slips or the last two months if you are paid monthly
  • Your national insurance numbers
  • Proof of your identity (passport or birth certificate)
  • Bank or building society statements
  • Proof of income or attendance at school/college of anyone else in your household
  • If you are not in receipt of benefits or employed etc you may be able to submit a nil income statement.

The above information must be provided to the housing benefit department immediately so that your claim can be processed without delay.

  • Regularly check the progress of your claim
  • Regular contact will make sure your claim is processed speedily
  • Provide any information asked for by the housing benefit office immediately
  • There is usually a time frame of 28 days to submit any information, however the longer you take the longer it will take to process your claim.
  • Let the housing benefit office and your revenue officer know straight away of any changes in your finances or household
How can we help you?

Contact us at the team a5 Support office near you or submit your enquiry online.

I recently just came out of prison and I was homeless. Even though I got referred to a few housings before I left, Team A5 Support have been the only people to help me with a roof over my head. They housed me as soon as they found out my situation and I was given a place by them which is really good for me as I am trying to turn my life around. It was made clear to me about the support that would be provided, and they treat me with courtesy and respect. Whenever I needed support and asked for it, I received the support I needed it. The support services provided by Team A5 Support has had a positive experience on my life because I am able to have a place to rest my head and focus on myself and not get caught up with my past. I am grateful for Team A5 Support because I feel if I never got a place when I did, I could have easily gone back to the life of crime


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