If you are interested in volunteering at Team A5 Support, you will need to contact our Volunteer project Manager for an informal chat. You will be asked to fill in an application form with your details as well as the names of two referees (not family or friends) we can contact for a reference.  You will then be invited to an interview and advised of the outcome.

Once everything is complete you will then be invited to an induction session where you will review Team A5 Support policies and procedures

Volunteers are needed during all the various roles at our office and within our schemes, including our tenancy management and finance teams and our maintenance team.  Volunteers are needed to help develop and increase access to services and inspire and empower our adults within our schemes.  To help support our residents with computing and employment support.

Specific roles are usually assigned on a daily basis, depending on what is required at that time.


Answers to some of the questions you may have;

We understand that initials may have other commitments and so the terms of our voluntary programme are flexible.  However, we do ask that our volunteers commit to at least 4 hours per month.

The services provided Team A5 Support are used by a variety of people, with a range of different backgrounds

These include people living in our hostels, those who experience mental health issues, those with a history of substance misuse.  Our clients rely on team a5 support for a variety of reasons from being housed, to guidance and accessing various tenancy support as well as accessing employment.

The office is often very quiet. It can be really busy at times with clients attending to resolve a variety of issues and or liaising with landlords etc regarding new projects.  We aim to increase diversity in our offices so are open to individuals from all backgrounds and cultures.

We have clear policies relating to key issues such as safety, drug and alcohol use and appropriate behaviour. These will be clearly outlined to you as a volunteer and are circulated around our schemes and in the client handbook, so our residents and other service users are aware.  Staff are trained to deal with any behaviour that may cause a challenge.

Volunteers are not expected to get involved in difficult situations that arise.  If you face a situation you are not comfortable with, please pass it on to a member of staff.  Support is always available.

We signpost our service users to external agencies suitable to their needs, we mentor and provide advice and guidance.  We speak to our clients to try and help them to identify solutions to their problems.

Volunteers always work alongside staff members who are there to provide support when needed.

The volunteer project manager is the main person that would be there to support you.

Please note that clients are encouraged to inform the council if they undertake any voluntary roles as this could be mistaken as paid employment.

How can we help you?

Contact us at the team a5 Support office near you or submit your enquiry online.

I recently just came out of prison and I was homeless. Even though I got referred to a few housings before I left, Team A5 Support have been the only people to help me with a roof over my head. They housed me as soon as they found out my situation and I was given a place by them which is really good for me as I am trying to turn my life around. It was made clear to me about the support that would be provided, and they treat me with courtesy and respect. Whenever I needed support and asked for it, I received the support I needed it. The support services provided by Team A5 Support has had a positive experience on my life because I am able to have a place to rest my head and focus on myself and not get caught up with my past. I am grateful for Team A5 Support because I feel if I never got a place when I did, I could have easily gone back to the life of crime


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