Don’t suffer in silence  – Report It

Everyone has the right to live in peace.  Unfortunately   some people are denied  this right because of their race, colour, nationality or religion.

Team A5 support   will work with the police, victim support agencies  and  local authorities to ensure that action is taken against people who commit  racial harassment   and that victims  of racial harassment   receive the help that they need.

However, we can only do this  if the victims  of racial harassment report it . We  urge   you to report any incident, even if you think there is nothing that anyone can do.

Please let your Tenancy   Services officer  know if you suffer any harassment in the vicinity  of your accommodation.  Team A5 adopts a victim centred approach  to investigate incidents of harassment.

In serious cases we may be able to offer alternative accommodation  or support you with making referrals elsewhere.  If our clients   are found to be responsible we maybe able to terminate their license to occupy.

Whilst Team A5 willl help where possible, it is also important that victims always report incidents to the local police.

You can get  help and confidential advice at the following agencies


Team A5 Support

You can phone our telephone number 02086781373 and speak to our Tenancy Service Officer

If the incident has occurred in your residence  you should report it to your   tenancy services officer  at Team A5.  We have policies on Racial harassment  and will take action to help ensure your safety . if the perpetrator  is a Team A5 License   we maybe able to terminate their license to occupy.
Metropolitan Police

In an emergency call 999

Otherwise you can phone  The Police Safer Neighbourhoods Team

We urge all victims to report  incidents to the police  even if they have reported it to another agency. The police have an established  policy on racial   harassment  and they will record  and investigate all incidents   reported . if there is enough evidence   of who caused it they may be able to prosecute
Victim Support
National 24 Hour Freephone Hotline   phone 0800374618  for help and advice
How can we help you?

Contact us at the team a5 Support office near you or submit your enquiry online.

I recently just came out of prison and I was homeless. Even though I got referred to a few housings before I left, Team A5 Support have been the only people to help me with a roof over my head. They housed me as soon as they found out my situation and I was given a place by them which is really good for me as I am trying to turn my life around. It was made clear to me about the support that would be provided, and they treat me with courtesy and respect. Whenever I needed support and asked for it, I received the support I needed it. The support services provided by Team A5 Support has had a positive experience on my life because I am able to have a place to rest my head and focus on myself and not get caught up with my past. I am grateful for Team A5 Support because I feel if I never got a place when I did, I could have easily gone back to the life of crime


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